Current Projects


A social, photo nutrition and fitness log for helping people keep better track of their nutritional choices.


Easy remote assistance.

Past Projects

Superhero Challenge

A 21-day fitness and nutrition challenge. Participants receive daily video tips and record their scores. Progress is tracked through an online leader board.

ABQ DNA History Project

An interactive map showing some of the rich history of the Albuquerque Downtown Neighborhoods.

Snaposit Photo Backup

Snaposit provides safe, offsite backup for serious photographers.

Thankerin': Thank You Cards

Send real, physical thank you cards from the web.

Fix Blurry Photos

FixBlurryPhotos helps enhance blurry photographs.

Fog Creek Projects

2005 – 2012


A highly flexible collaboration tool.


Live preview CSS editor with CSS hosting.


Distributed version control for companies.


Easy remote assistance.

Misc Projects

Ugly Python FizzBuzz