Installing LastPass on the Cr-48 and ChromeOS

Posted December 23, 2010

A couple days ago I got a new Cr-48 laptop as a part of the Google ChromeOS pilot program. Until now, I hadn't had much time to play with it. Now, I have a few hours, as I was a little late checking in my bag and the Delta representative I was talking to was not willing to help me out. So now that I have the time, I'm getting it set up, so I can use it as my main laptop for this trip home for the holidays.

Browsing for a while, I decided to install LastPass, which I started using to help me improve and manage my passwords after Gawker got hacked. When I went to, I was excited to see that they had a ChromeOS version, and had already detected it. I clicked to download, but ran into an error: "Extension Install Failure: Extensions cannot install plugins on Chrome OS". Well that sucks.

I just figured I would have to use the website, which is less slower and less convenient. Fortunately, after browsing around LastPass a bit, I noticed that they had different versions of the extensions. Some say "Plus Binary Features", while others say "No Binary Features". I tried the binary-less install, and it worked! There are a few things missing, like automatically logging out after a certain amount of idle time, but I have it and it's working as advertised.

To install it, just go to&nbsp_place_holder; d.php&nbsp_place_holder;and click "Linux". Then just download "Chrome (No Binary Features)". That's it, now all of your passwords are at your fingertips.